Essener Energiegespräche

At the end of October 2008, the Chair of Energy Economics started with a new lecture series, the "Essener Energiegespräche" (Essen Energy Talks).

This series of lectures, like the tried and tested "Essener Energieforum", combines lectures by practitioners on current issues in the energy industry with lectures by former students on their thesis. Due to the success of the event in the past semesters, this seminar will continue to the following semesters. As usual, we will continue the concept of a "tandem lecture" in the following events, so that there will be a student and a practice-oriented lecture on a topic complex.

We hope to stimulate interesting discussions through the opposites of academic and practical perspectives on related topics and to promote the mutual exchange between practice, research and students. After the lectures there is the possibility to discuss the lectures during a snack.

You can find an overview of the lectures in the past here.


Essen Energy Talks Special Semester-Start Issue!

The alumni association of the House of Energy Markets and Finance invites you to the "Essen Energy Talks Special" for the semester opening. As usual at the Essen Energy Talks, all interested parties are cordially invited to hear two exciting talks, covering hot topics in the energy sector.

However, this invitation specifically applies to students starting their Master's in Energy and Finance and HEMF-Alumni. In order to promote the exchange between friends and alumni as well as the current employees of the House of Energy Markets and Finance and the students, the Alumni Association sponsors drinks and pizza after the lectures. An ideal opportunity to establish contacts with former and current HEMF employees in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Current lectures

Date Lecture Speaker Room
 22th Oct., 2019 6:30 pm  Recent R&D in the field of E-mobility  Maren Kempgens   A-B07 Altendorfer Straße 5-9 Essen 
innogy SE
Sector Coupling Electricity - Hydrogen - Mobility  Ragnar Mayerhofer 
 Paatz | Scholz | van der Laan GmbH 

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