Information about seminar papers at the Chair for Management Science and Energy Economics

The Chair for Management Science and Energy Economics offers students various seminars in both the Bachelor's and Master's programs.

The kick-off event for the seminars usually takes place in the last or penultimate week of the lecture period of the previous semester. The date is announced on the homepage of the chair under News  as well as in the regular courses.

Essential information on kick-off events and prerequisites can be found in the respective seminar course, available under the category Teaching
Information on the scope and type of the seminar work as well as the thematic focus will be announced in the kick-off meetings.

A literature seminar is offered every semester (Bachelor and Master).
In the summer semester, a GAMS seminar is also offered (Bachelor and Master).
In the winter semester, the Markt- und Unternehmensspiel "Handeln im Energiemarkt" (Master) is offered.

The seminar thesis has to be written according to the minimum requirements available <u>here</u>, as well as the minimum requirements by the examination office. Also recommended be the <u>exercises</u> offered by the chair for management science and energy economics. More precise details can be found by Theisen, M. R.: Scientific work, current edition. In case of doubt, contact your assistant.