Contact Persons

 The following Table may be used to find the right contact person that can help you with your questions regarding particular topics. You have the opportunity to contact them directly via Mail. A face-to-face conversation is possible in our office hours or on appointment.


Einführung in die Energiewirtschaft


M.Sc. Lisa Taruttis
M.Sc. Jonas Höckner
M.Sc. Roland Broll


Electricity, District Heating, Renewable Energy
M.Sc. Robin Leisen
M.Sc. Simon Voswinkel
M.Sc. Gerald Blumberg

Energie- und Immobilienmanagement

M.Sc. Aiko Schinke-Nendza
M.Sc. Lisa Taruttis


Energy Markets and Price Formation

M.Sc. Philip Beran
M.Sc. Christopher Jahns
M.Sc. Christian Furtwängler


Fossile Energieträger: Mineralöl-, Erdgas- und Kohlewirtschaft

M.Sc. Lars Ostmeier
M.Sc. Tobias Stein


Markt- und Unternehmensspiel

M.Sc. Philip Beran
M.Sc. Christopher Jahns
M.Sc. Florian Boehnke



M.Sc. Sven Kolkmann
M.Sc. Arne Pöstges
M.Sc. Jennifer Mirkuda


Dr. Benjamin Böcker
M.Sc. Julian Radek

Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre

M.Sc. Jonas Höckner

InternshipsM.Sc. Julian Radek
Research & Commerce

Prof. Dr. Christoph Weber

Other ContactsDr. Benjamin Böcker
Dr. Michael Bucksteeg
Master BWL - Energy & Finance
Contacting                                                    M.Sc. Julian Radek

Web presence                                                      

M.Sc. Philip Beran
M.Sc. Jonas Höckner



Birgit Hallenberger
Simone Peter