Renewable Energy and Networks

The increasing feed-in of renewable energies poses new challenges for transmission and distribution network operators. Feeds from wind and solar energy are mainly characterized by fluctuating feed-in profiles and poor predictability. The research area Renewable Energy and Networks focuses on the integration of renewable energies into transmission and distribution networks, taking into account the inherent uncertainties.

How uncertainties, resulting from renewable energies, loads and internal trading activities, can be taken into account and modeled in the network planning of transmission system operators is examined in the EU-funded research project Umbrella.

Furthermore, the Renewable Energy and Networks research area is dedicated to the design of new modes of operation of the European transmission network within the framework of the EU-funded research project GARPUR.

Head of the Renewable Energy and Networks Group is Mr. M.Sc. Tim Felling, who is also available as a contact for relevant research and practical questions.