Renewable Energy and Networks

The increasing feed-in of renewable energies into the electrical energy system poses new challenges for transmission and distribution grid operators. Feed-ins from wind and solar energy are primarily characterized by fluctuating feed-in profiles and poor predictability. The Renewable Energy and Grids research area focuses on the integration of renewable energies into transmission and distribution grids, taking into account the associated uncertainties. The consideration of grid-based restrictions on the market-side generation dispatch, e.g. in the form of redispatch or flow-based market coupling, also plays a role here.

At the same time, new flexibility options, which may have to be considered across sectors (e.g. electromobility, heat pumps, storage or power-to-X technologies), are coming into focus. The interface between market-based integration of these technologies, taking into account the role of the grid, is therefore another focus of the team. In addition to the operational behavior of the systems, their regional distribution and feed-in behavior also play an important role here. The influence of possible market designs is also examined.

Head of the Renewable Energy and Networks Group is Aiko Schinke-Nendza, who is also available as a contact for relevant research and practical questions.