Essener Energiegespräche

Since the winter semester 08/09, the Chair of Energy Economics has offered a series of lectures, which is intended to bridge the gap between university and company.

The Essener Energiegespräche will combine lectures by practitioners on current issues in the energy industry with lectures by former students who present the results of their thesis.

This series addresses both students with a focus on energy economics as well as other interested persons in this field of work.

After the lectures, there is the possibility to discuss further and make contacts.

You can find an overview of the lectures in the past here.

Current lectures

Date Lecture Speaker Room
Ausschreibungen als Instrument zur Marktintegration erneuerbarer EnergienRebecca SauerbornS06 S00 B41
Rotationsgebäude Campus Essen
EEG 3.0 Ausschreibungen – Wind OnshoreClemens Hecker - Senior Principal bei Pöyry Management Consulting
26.01.17Optimierter Intraday-Handel für Strom unter Berücksichtigung nicht konstanter Preis-VolatilitätLars Ostmeier - House of Energy Markets and FinanceS06 S00 B41
Rotationsgebäude Campus Essen

Robustness and smothness in model calibrationMarco Baier – Steag AG, Quantitative System Engineering