In principle, every student of the faculty of Business Administration and Economics (Business Administration, Economics, Business informatics) is free to write their thesis with us. Topics are assigned to candidates preferably, who focused on the subject of energy economics, because the topic has to be referenced to the subject of energy economics. Candidates, who have not studied with their focus on energy economics, should verify or acquire expertise in this subject. This can be done in our lecture or for example by an apprenticeship, an internship or a job as a working student relating to the field of energy economics.

In addition, the participation at our seminars is recommended. The attendance at our seminars is open to students who did not choose a seminar topic yet. In the main lectures it is possible to practice scientific working and to learn something about the own level of performance, as well as strengths, weaknesses, requirements and areas of interest.



Persons for the first contact for the assignment of topics are the members of academic staff. Within the weekly consultation hours own topics, as well as suggestions by us or from companies, can be discussed. Additionally, topics of finished theses and theses in progress are published. In the selection of a topic the propensity, the currency, available information, the operationalizability, the level and the novelty of the research question should be considered. It should be considered as well, that the chosen topic can have a considerable relevance for the job search. Please bring the filled information document for theses to the consultation hour.



There are two possibilities finding a topic for the thesis. When sufficient knowledge about the topic of choice is present, members of the chair can be approached concerning the advertised topics. Beside picking a topic advertised by the chair a student can also develop an own topic, especially in cooperation with an industry partner.

Advertised topics

These topics are currently advertised by the chair. For further information, read the linked topic description.

Finding an own topic

If we think that a topic is appropriate, the next step is to develop a concept. Within this, it has to be evaluated if the topic can be processed in the given time by the candidate successfully.  Within the exposé, three to five pages long, that has to be written in advance, should contain the answers to the following questions

  • What is the problem about?
  • To which context can the problem be assigned to?
  • Which useful and scientific relevance has the problem?
  • How can the topic be operationalized?
  • Which literature and sources are available that can be referred to?
  • Which content should be reprocessed?
  • How can you get the information you need?

This text should be expanded by a suggestion for the structure. The depth of the section should be two levels.

After a consultation with a member of the academic staff the exposé should be presented to Prof. Weber in a consultation hour. If Prof. Weber agrees to the concept, the assigned topic is binding. In a next step the thesis gets registered at the examination office of the faculty of business administration and economics.  A few days after registration the written confirmation will be sent by the examination office. The second assessor as well as the latest date of issue are notified. There is also a leaflet with formal regulations for the preparation of the thesis. The thesis must be submitted in triplicate to the Central Examination Office.


Form regulations (to download)

The thesis has to be written according to the minimum requirements available <u>here</u>, as well as the minimum requirements by the examination office. Also recommended be the <u>exercises</u> offered by the chair for management science and energy economics. More precise details can be found by Theisen, M. R.: Scientific work, current edition. In case of doubt, contact your assistant.