Chair for Energy Economics

The Chair for Management Science and Energy Economics deals with questions on energy generation, conversion, distribution and usage. In doing so, approaches from business studies and other fields like economics, engineering and social sciences are considered in the fields of teaching and research. The Chair focuses on relevant issues for utilities in a competitive environment.

Since companies in the energy industry are increasingly international organised and Germany imports a considerable amount of primary energy, integration and development of global markets attach importance. In addition the political framework affects managerial decisions and is incorporated as well. The focus applies on specific decision-making processes of companies and users of energy at service providers, industry and households.


 Tue, 25. Jan. 2022   Kolkmann, Sven

Einführungsveranstaltung Seminare

Informationen und Anmeldemodalitäten zu den Seminaren im Sommersemester am Lehrstuhl
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